Time in Deer Grove Forest Preserve

This weekend was nice and warm and sunny, and tomorrow it will become much colder. It does not look like we are going to have another summer-like day till Memorial Day weekend.

I tried to use this warm time as much as possible, doing tons of things outdoors.

I spent a total of at least four hours in the forest preserve, both biking and walking. On Saturday, I decided to take mom to the forest preserve again since she enjoyed it so much last weekend.
This time, in an attempt to minimize encounters with other people, I decided to take her to a different site, which worked great. Although there were still people, there were way fewer visitors there. Also, the roads are wider, so you can keep the distance. And last but not least, the change of scenery is a good thing.

A woodpecker

Mom is walking in the forest preserve

There was a huge frog pond, and when we were passing it, we suddenly heard a very loud bird’s sound, and I thought that it must be a crane, but I couldn’t see her. And then I saw a crane landing straight into the water, and I also saw that it was already one crane there. Unfortunately, from the place we were standing, I could not take any pictures.

On Sunday morning, when I went biking, I decided to bike along the path we were walking on Saturday. To my surprise, I saw that the road was closed. Yes, it says “from sunrise to sunset,” but I could not believe, somebody would actually close it. And anyway, although it was barely 6 AM, the sun was upActually, I checked it later in the day, when I went weed scouting, and it was opened! I do not know when these people think sunrise is!

And then – weed scouting! This time, I found some garlic mustard in my area, ten species. All were destroyed 🙂

I’d say, I did very well, keeping my area garlic mustard-free for four years! Unfortunately, I saw many dandelions, which was not the case last year. You can’t pull then, and I didn’t have anything with me to dig them out. I will need to be better prepared next week!

More pretty spring flowers:

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