One More Walk in the Forest Preserve

Last weekend, Saturday was as bad as it could be – rain all day without stopping. The forecast for Sunday, however, was gorgeous, and I thought that I might try to take mom to the forest preserve.
Mom is holding up very well, but it’s not so easy for her. I am not taking her anywhere, even to the grocery store; she does not get a chance to meet my friends anymore. I thought that I might at least let her see some beautiful sights.

The week before that, the forest preserve was so crowded on Sunday, that I was afraid that it would be closed. But that Sunday morning, when I was biking, I barely saw any people. I told mom that we are going to try. She asked: you think it’s safe? I told her: I will drive you there and we will see. If there will be too many people for my comfort, we are turning around and driving back.

It ended up being perfect. I do not know why there were so few people there; it was warm and sunny, and it was Sunday. But for whatever reason, it worked for us. I still made mom to wear a mask, especially because it will be required starting from May 1, and I wanted her to get used to the idea. I wore a mask, as well.

The sun clock – you need to step on the month…
Like this…
And your shadow will point to the hour
And nobody around!

We spend a little bit less than an hour there, and mom was delighted. She was keeping saying thank you to me for two more days 🙂

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