How is My Mom

Many people are asking me how my mom is doing. She is doing great, taking into account her age and other circumstances.

However, because she firmly believes that she can’t understand English, mom does not watch TV, and she does not read anything in English on the internet. At the times when things started to be bad here, and I started to realize what is coming ahead, she was clueless – in Russia, the virus “did not exist” at that time. And she was asking me why I worry so much. I was trying to explain to her that the situation is bad and getting worse, but since she didn’t receive any proof from Russia, she didn’t take it in. I remember that when I came to visit her two days later, after we had that first conversation, she started to ask me, “whether I feel better that day.”

On the one hand, I didn’t want to make her worry; on the other hand, I needed her to understand the severity of the situation and to be cautious. And then, all of a sudden, it was officially announced in Russia that the virus exists. And then she finally started to worry. Just in time, when things began to be more stable here, not better, but we’ve adjusted to the situation.

Then she started to tell me what she read about the virus on the Russian internet. Most of the time, I listen quietly to what she has read on the Russian internet and not comment, but in the situation when she can make bad choices based on what she read on the Russian internet, I had to interfere. She was very upset and told me that I think that everything is better in America :). I decided to be smarter next time, and try to let her talk as much as she needs. Then I tell her that while she lives in Illinois, she has to follow the orders of our governor, and that’s all that should matter for her.
She was still keeping telling me what she read in Russian. It was funny that she mentioned that “people create the panic,” and I told her – Mom, don’t worry, there is plenty of food in the stores, she replied: yes, Putin told that there is plenty of food! I didn’t comment on it.

Then, when Russia went into quarantine, her Russian friends started to ask her in emails: so, you are going out for the walks? Is it allowed? Won’t you be punished if you go outside? The also anxiously asked her whether there is food in the stores. As a result, about a week ago she told me: it looks like in Russia they sometimes publish wrong things about America! Same as here about Russia! I decided it was good enough 🙂

She is complaining that she has nobody to socialize with and that previously she was going out with me, and visiting my friends and so on. I am keeping telling her that she has to wait.
Yesterday, I filed her short-form tax returns for her so that she could receive a stimulus payment. She didn’t think she is eligible, but I told her she is. I think it will be great when she receives it!

4 thoughts on “How is My Mom

  1. Ha-ha about Russian media news about America!
    My Mom told me today that there are never asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, there is always at least high fever because “she heard so on TV”.

    Funny as it is, I am very glad your Mom is doing well, the important thing she is keeping healthy!

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  2. This “Russia factor” is really mind-boggling… I wonder how many Russian-language people all over the world were confused and disoriented by everything coming from there about “panic,” “hysterics,” “psychosis,” etc.

    Doesn’t your mom read or watch even something that you recommend specifically? Like a couple of short videos where American doctors and nurses tell how bad and serious situation is and show the overwhelmed hospitals?


  3. I do not share this with her, because she has anxieties she can’t control. Back in the 70s, she was involved in the testing of some pretty advances medical equipment for cancer diagnostics, so she has lots of medical phobias. That’s why I need to maintain a very delicate balance in terms of what she understands in the current situation so that she understands all the precautions she needs to exercise but not worry all the time to the level of the heart attack. So I made sure she watched the governor announcement, and explain to her what’s the current situation in Illinois. She’s been doing very well with distancing and not getting into contact with anybody except me, and with the fact that I am not touching her. That’s all I need.

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