About Politics

First, I hope that all the recent tragic events will help the people of the United States to understand that Universal Health Care is the only solution to our health care crisis. Nothing partial will work. Any other system will lead to a situation when either a doctor will need to play God and decide who is worth living, or to the situation which we have now when people are not left to die on the streets. Still, society as a whole pays for the care for non-insured, and it pays more than it would if Universal Health Care would be officially on place. 

I hope this will indeed happen. I recall that my republican friends would suddenly become proponents of Universal Health care the moment they lose their jobs. Now I hope that the twenty-two million newly unemployed people will finally realize that “keeping their insurance” does not work as well as they wished.  

Second, I find it ironic how Trump had to revert to the UBI at the time of crisis, and how for several weeks, some tried to explain that it is not a PBI :). 

Third, I am mad that the payroll credits for small businesses were rolled out so late after millions of people were laid off already. Probably the most important part of COVID stimulus, it was open for applications way too late, and it ran out of money way too soon… We are promised that more money will be distributed soon, but for now – twenty-two million. 

The rest of my complaints are minor 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Politics

  1. As much as I think Universal Health Care could be a huge benefit to the United States, I do believe there’s a wealthy 1% at the top who have a lot more power in that country than most like to admit too… and I honestly don’t think they’ll ever let it happen. Sadly.

    Honestly, the fact that we have it in Canada, we’re very blessed. I know how lucky we are. I wish that everyone had the opportunity for universal health care.

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  2. It’s not really about the wealthy; it’s about the insurance lobby. You might not remember how did it look like when Obamacare was in works, but I was very much into politics at that time. And I remember this feeling that we won’t be able to accomplish what we want to because the force we are confronting is so powerful and has so many resources. And I remember how we were winning. With all the deficiencies of Obamacare, it is so much more than what we had before it! That’s why I believe it’s doable. Because in the end, each person has one vote, rich or poor. Sometimes you can buy votes, but sometimes people use their common sense 🙂


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