“I Can Do It!”

I am always taking pride in “I can do it” kind of things. However, I vividly remember what happened when Anna and Vlad went away to college. And when I realized that when I see some unknown bug in the house, I can’t scream: Vlaaad!!! Get this thing out of here! And I can’t ask anybody to get into the attic to take the stuff out. That year, I had to learn to do lots of things by myself for the first time!
When Vlad came home for Thanksgiving that first year in college, he told me: Mom, I am so happy that there are still things you can’t do yourself! And I get it :). With both Boris and Vlad, there are things that I would always delegate to them.

So what happens when due to the quarantine, your family is in five different places? You have to learn to do even more things by yourself :).

Last weekend, I had two activities of that kind. First, I needed to install a handlebar extension on my blue bike. Last year, I bought this bike “just for fun” because it was blue, and I didn’t plan to equip it fully with all the necessary details. But since my white and green bike will stay inside until the end of quarantine, the blue bike became my primary means of transportation. Usually, Boris installs all the new gadgets on my bike, or I would ask Anna or Vlad. But since none of them were available, I had to manage. Boris explained to me everything I needed to do over Facetime, and I marched to the garage well-equipped. Things didn’t go quite smoothly, but I did it!

A second project was installing of the new light fixture over the kitchen sink. The light fixture which I had was almost twenty years old, and the halogen light needed frequent replacements. It was not an easy task, and the new light would cost about $11.00. Finally, I resolved not to struggle anymore, and to put there something else.

I still had to leave the old light fixture in place, because it has some electric wires coming in.

But we discussed with Boris in detail what we want, and I purchased rechargeable lights.

Long story short: it turned way better than it was. The lights came in a pack of three; I used two so far, adding some light to the corner where it was always dark.

I didn’t drill any holes in the kitchen cabinets, I still need to figure out how exactly I want these wires to go, and I also need to purchase more wiring. So – pardon the appearance:).

Regardless – it works! And I can turn it on by waving a hand! I feel almost like a superwoman 🙂

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