Other Things, Big and Small Happening Now

Let’s start with the big things. Our company had to cut business significantly. It’s all due to the nature of our business. It is quite understandable that none of our predictive models can work in the current economic situation, and we can’t operate. A significant percentage of our employees are sent home for two months. The rest got the pay cuts, with our CEO taking the biggest one. I understand all of these; those were survival measures. If they weren’t taken, we would lose our business entirely. That way, we should be able to survive. 

At the same time, all of us have to do more work because we need to rebuild our whole system, and this had to be done very fast. I work almost as I worked four years ago (and for almost the same pay :)), and this will last for a while. 

Another piece of news is that my eye doctor had to close her office. She arranged so that I could be seen for my last post-surgical appointment by my surgeon, but they do not do glasses or contacts. It is going to be interesting; I already called the Lenzcrafters, and they said they might be able to cut new lenses for me without me – if this doctor will fax them the new prescription. Hopefully, if not immediately, but within a week or two, this will be resolved. I am not sure when I will be able to get the contacts, because all the eye doctors strongly advise against wearing contacts during the pandemic. I know that that particular doctor was against me wearing contacts anyway, but if not, I will have to wear two pairs of glasses when I drive, and I do not like this idea. We will see on Tuesday. 

Another bad part is that this doctor’s office is 45 minutes away from me, and I will need to take Uber (I didn’t take Uber since it all started, so I do not even know how much they operate around here these days, but I have no choice).

Better things. I resumed my personal training sessions on FaceTime, and my trainer is as much excited as I am to return. Also, on Monday, I was able to attend our Fiscal and Economics group meeting because it was online. Funny thing, I could not make it for several months due to several reasons, and now that it is going to be online, I could! It was a very enlightening meeting, with an in-depth analysis of which of the measures the government is taking will work, and which won’t, and what ar potential outcomes, and such. You can view a presentation here if you are interested.

I know that everybody and everything goes online these days, but surprisingly Siskel Film Center was almost the last to offer that option, and I am so glad they did! I will write about it when I actually try, which I am planning to do within the next couple of days. 

Also, we were talking about weed scouting in the forest preserve, but the weather was horrible today, and I think now my area will need several dry days until I will be able to walk there. I hope “that time of the year” won’t last forever!

4 thoughts on “Other Things, Big and Small Happening Now

    1. Oh, very much so, and from Day One. I do not want to share more details online than I already shared, but we are in a tough situation. Mom does not see anybody except me, which helps. And she has a separate entrance to her place, so even though she lives in an apartment, nobody except her opens her front door. I also work from home and go to the stores once a week, although I visit a couple of them. And the same thing – nobody except me touches my doorknob.


  1. I was just thinking about your work recently… I thought that it’s exactly the time when your services would be in demand (although it’s kind of sad). I was surprised to learn that my thinking was wrong…hmm.
    I wish you best with everything- especially with the eyesight recovery.

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    1. It’s the time when people want to borrow, but we can only lend to people who will pay back with reasonable probability. And it’s hard to tell now.


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