After-Eye Surgery Development

On Friday, I worked from home, and my neighbor R. took me to my eye doctor. Turned out that the situation is not as bad as I thought. The doctor measured my best correction to be – 2.75, and then started to look for a place where they would make my glasses within 24 hours.  

It turned out that such places are almost non-existent these days, everybody sends their orders to the labs. The staff of the doctor’s office was calling all the places around and finally found Lenz Crafters, where they had such an option – looks like the only one in the Northwest Suburbs:). The staff asked whether they had a lens I needed, and they said – yes, but the technician is not in; he will be there on Saturday. But we could come in and leave the order. 

When we arrived, the store associate started to show us different frames. I said that I need the cheapest one since these glasses are going to be for less than a week. For that, she replied that they have a sale of 50% off designer frames, and then they will also give me 40% off lenses. I was still trying to stay on the cheaper side, and finally picked up the frame, which was originally priced at $173. 

Then I mentioned that I have VSP (vision discount plan). It is rarely useful, and the only reason I have it is that I pay zero premium. But the store associate sent out a request for a quote, and it ended up being cheaper with VSP than with in-store promotion.

They told us that they text and call me when the glasses are ready and that it will happen shortly after noon.

Today, when there was no call at noon, and none at 12-30, 1 PM, and 1-30, I decided to call them myself.

–Your last name? Your address? Yes, I see your prescription. It went through.


— It went through. Do you need a receipt?

— No! I wanted to check whether they are ready. 

–The order just went through and was sent to the lab. It should be back in a week, on February 28.

–?????  NO!!! It was not supposed to be completed here! We talked about it yesterday!!! It is an emergency!!!

–OK, let me check on the back of the lab, maybe they already have them done!…. beep… beep… Thank you so much for waiting! The glasses are ready; you can pick them at any time!

These glasses work great for the long-distance and for inside the house, but since my astigmatism is still there in the non-operated eye, guess what’s happening:)

There are chances that by tomorrow I will be able to adjust because, through the day, my eyes learned to work together a little bit better. Otherwise, I won’t be able to drive until after the second surgery. And there are still a lot of variables. But I am learning to be patient 🙂

2 thoughts on “After-Eye Surgery Development

    1. Nope, my previous two weeks were -14, and making -14 and -2.75 would be impossible – I’ve discussed it with my doctor. I have my old contact in my right eye, which I will need to remove on Thursday. So starting from Thursday I will be one eye blind, and won’t be able to drive again.


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