Postcards to Wisconsin

Half of Illinois (at least half of its Democratic half) is participating in the “Postcards to Wisconsin” events. I was already invited to three, but could not participate because of the times/days of the week. So when I finally got an invite for an event, which took place on Saturday, and in the middle of the day, and not so far from us, I happily RSVP’ed. Also, I decided to take Mom with me, because her penmanship is outstanding, and she could be really useful, and what’s more important – she could feel useful. Also, she has never been to our Democratic office before, and I thought it would be interesting for her to come with me and see how it all works.

It all worked pretty well. Together, we wrote twenty-five postcards, and Mom did at least a third of them. On the way back, she was asking me (one more time) about all the details of how primaries are held, and what will be next, and how the Democratic convention will choose the candidate. And since she never got any negative propaganda about these things, she liked it.

Mom is working our list

6 thoughts on “Postcards to Wisconsin

    1. Oh, sure. We send cards to registered voters with a short message to the effect “please don’t forget to show up at the polls on April 7!” So that the results would actually represent the people’s opinion.


  1. Избирателям. Мы им напоминаем, чтобы они не забыли прийти на первичные выборы и проголосовать. Посылаем на адреса из официального списка избирателей, которые ранее уже участвовали в демократических primaries


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