More Eye Surgery Updates

You know how I said I was freaking out about a million things regarding the surgery – one of these things is happening. Today, I got a call from the surgeon who is going to operate me. I do not know why he only looked at my numbers now, not three months ago, but what he said was that they wouldn’t be able to fix my long-distance vision 100% unless I go mono-focal, which means no astigmatism correction, and no vision depth… I was leaning that way, but the doctor was positive that that would be the best for me.

I understand that he is right long-term, but short term I will be going the way that I won’t be able to see well enough to perform my daily functions AND for a while, there will be no way for me to have any corrective devices. He said he would do Lasic on me in about three months, but I can’t stand an idea of going to another surgery. I guess it is all not so bad; I was just not prepared… and there will be way more steps in between..

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