Skating in Helsinki

The weather in Helsinki is extremely mild this winter, and there was barely any snow. Because of that, Boris was still biking almost every day. Before our departure to Cyprus, he asked me how I feel about biking. First, I liked this idea, because it sounded surreal to bike in Helsinki when I was not biking in Palatine for a while. However, although I had proper shoes with me, I lacked other winter-biking equipment, specifically pants, and gloves. My hands are getting frozen even when the temperature is in the 40s, yet along 30s, especially when biking. On Saturday, after we came back, it was sunny and still no snow, but there was a substantial wind. 

I thought that I would be better off going skating in the city center, so when Boris went biking, I got on the train, and in ten minutes, I was by the skating rink. It was minutes past ten, the rink had just opened, and hurray – there was no like! I paid for the skates and skating and hurried up the ice.

It was wonderful! The rink s huge, and ice was perfect; there were very few people, and although I originally planned to skate for just half-an-hour, I ended up skating for the whole hour and could skate more, if I didn’t have to meet Boris for lunch. 

Lots of first-time skaters, both kids and adults
By the time I was leaving, there were lines

In our perennial quest for the perfect salmon soup, we tried a new (for us) place at the end of Boulevardi, and graded it B-minus. If you want to have a perfect salmon soup and day of the year, you need to go to Suomenlinna; it is worth the trip a million times! 

B-minus for that one

Upon return home, I went to buy several boxes of rahka – the soft-cottage-cheese-like dairy product, which I adore. That time around, I had checked language, so I could pack some questionable goods:). 

I am still enjoying the last couple of packages 🙂

Took it to the office yesterday
And added some fresh raspberries from the communal fridge

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