Dining in Cyprus

Back to the conference, back to Cyprus. After the amazing tour of Kurion, we headed back to Limassol. Once again, we learned a lot about Cyprus’ history from our tour guide. In Old Town, we disembarked the bus and had a walking tour. We had one more option to visit Limassol Castle. I posted al the pictures in this post, and I think it was worth visiting the Castle twice, in the daylight and the evening. After walking around and seeing more old streets, we finally arrived at the place of the conference dinner. Mezedopagida tavern.

If you do not know what “meze” means in Cyprus (and in some other countries), let,e tell you! That is a never-ending appearance of amazing dishes, and when you think that’s it, three more appear at the table. You have to sample them all, because it is impossible not to!

I was somewhat prepared by Boris and by hints from the local organizers. so I had a light breakfast and light lunch (both were quite challenging to achieve, having all the buffet options available! 

And then there was meze. We sat at the table with local organizers, which made our navigation through different foods somewhat easier. There was also very nice local wine. And now I will stop talking and start showing 🙂

After an hour and a half, the tavern staff dubbed as performers, presenting local music, songs, and dances

and that a couple of really amazing stunts:

And then they made fun of one of the spectators, pretending putting the same tower of glasses on his head:)

2 thoughts on “Dining in Cyprus

  1. Okay, this all looks incredible. Are those stuffed mushrooms near the end of your photos there? I love stuffed mushrooms. I think it would be fun if people just started dancing around the restaurant I was in with dishes on their heads. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they are! I love the mushrooms in any form, and I enjoyed those quite a bit. And yes, the entertainment was great!


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