Limassol: Walking the Old Town and the Seashore

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, it’s not that much of the old Limassol left, but we still wondered some of the older streets before we headed back to the hotel.

Former karavan sarai turned into the cafe, the picture was taken the next evening

I have to admit I was utterly ignorant of the history of Cyprus, and never thought about it as a former part of the British Empire. Even after I realized that they have English electricity, it didn’t occur to me that the traffic is left-sided (and you need to be mentally prepared for that!) Same, the bikers go on the left side of the bike paths, and as a pedestrian, you need to keep left and to pass on the right. That hour-long walk back was a mental challenge, but the sites were stunning!

Gym equipment on the sea shore
I could not skip then!
The final stretch of the path was a little bit away from the seashore, but also beautiful!
It was a nice surprise to see the clothing bank along the path
We reached our hotel just the minutes before the sunset

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