Cyprus: Our Hotel

The hotel we are staying in is a conference venue, so we didn’t have much choice. The room view is amazing.

There are zero desks, but that is unfortunately expected. Ideally, we would need two 🙂

The fitness center is fantastic, and it has pretty much everything and more. The only huge problem is in the hours of operation. It is not 24-7, and it is opened from 8 AM to 8-30PM. Which makes you wonder, how in the world you can work out that way?! So far, I managed to be there each and single day, but it is crowded all the time, and I had to be creative to fit it in my schedule!

Most of the time, hotel restaurants are nothing special (if it is not the Peninsula hotel, of cause), but the Thalassa made us want to come there each and a single meal. Breakfast is included, and the menu changes for at least 40% each morning.

On Sunday, we went there for dinner. I could not imagine that the buffet-style dinner can be good for a birthday celebration, but it was!

The desserts section is half of the isle, which means they know their priorities

One odd thing I have to mention. There is no iron and no ironing board in the room. When I asked at the reception, they said I need to come to them, and they will show me the ironing room. For the record, our room is in a separate wing, and you need to walk outside to the reception. Not a big deal, but still. So when I came there with my pretty blouse, they showed me the room, and a steward brought me an iron, and plugged it in, and asked to let him know when I am done :). The additional inconvenience was that the hangers in the room are detachable, and so when you take the hanger from the closet, you can’t hook it anywhere except back in the closet. Which made all the project interesting :). But in spite of all odds, the mission was accomplished.

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