Family Gift – Giving

This year, we were unable to get the whole family together for Christmas gift exchange, which is not the first time in our history. And even for “all of us minus Anna” part, we had to find a day when Vlad was able to take at least a couple of hour off.

To be clear, he didn’t. I do not think he had any time off except of time to sleep for the past two months. Even that time, we met at his work. He reserved a private room in zBar, and then he ended up being on the floor for most of that time. He said – Mom, did you see how many people are there in the bar?! And I saw!

The Peninsula lobby, all decorated
The zBar private room
My Mom is tasting hot chocolate

We got Anna and Nadia on Google Hangouts, and started opening the presents. Most of the presents were shipped or handed in advance. For Nadia, I bought an IKEA toy kitchen, and I think she is now playing with it for the third day in a row.

My Mom got this beautiful Chicago cup from Vlad

Anna told me that she wants to start swimming again, and Boris and I gave her a six months membership in her local YMCA. I have a lot of good things to say about the YMCA of Dane county: it was not an easy task with me not being a Y member and being remote, but they definitely know something about the Christmas spirit and holiday magic!

Vlad and Dylon, and Anna, and John pulled together to get me this exclusive parfume from Kriegel. I’ve suspected it is going to be the case, because Vlad took me on the tour of that store shortly after they opened inside Peninsula.

Adding this, since people asked about this fragrance
Igor gave me a painting with the Indiana Duse beach, which we visit together every summer

That short movie shows in full what I consider the perfect gifts:) Igor does not have a smartphone (out of principle :)), so he uses a camera to take pictures. Since it is often a part of his job, having a reliable camera is important.

As for Vlad and Dylon, they are going to Paris in Summer, so we got them two Paris Passes.

The dessert
The outside view
Family photo

I hope that Vlad will be able to get some rest starting from tomorrow’s night! And I hope that the time will come when none of us will have to work on a Christmas Day!

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