This week, presents started to arrive, and thus the second best part of Christmas has started! One of my most favorite moments is always the arrival of the parcel from New Zealand. Because… well, because it is New Zealand!!!

My friend made this neckless for me, with a coffee cup charm. And she and the girls baked some cookies:

Only two cookies suffered some damage, the rest arrived safely:). And also, there was chocolate – because how it can not be!

One of my local friends always gives me her dates stuffed with mascarpone and walnuts, and an ornament; this year she packaged it like this:

She says this ornament is just like me 🙂

I’ve also got this beautiful snowman from Anna’s in-laws:

And Polish sweets from my cleaning lady – she likes my cookies:))

And this beautiful chocolate from former Koenigsberg, which is now the most Western point of Russia, separated from the mainland by other countries:

And they are keeping coming!

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