Corporate Holiday Party

We had it on Friday, December 13. And nobody was afraid of it :). The only bad thing for me was that I was so tired, I didn’t even sty till the official end time.

We had it in Apogee rooftop bar. Granted. the food and drinks in zBar will always taste better for me, true or not :), but the views are unbeatable!

The also have an open fire outside:

I was slightly concerned that I didn’t have a new Christmas dress – for many years I am getting it in Finland. This year I traveled a little bit earlier in season, and there were no Christmas dresses there yet.

Fortunately, when I started to go through my closet I found a beautiful top which I bought last year but didn’t wear – I got a lace dress later. I combined this top with a very old, but still pretty long skirt, and everybody was telling me I look fabulous 🙂

I am taking it :). My only disappointment was that when they started to serve desserts, they didn’t have any hot drinks – no coffee, no hot tea! I even went to the bar to ask – no! What’s good is in deserts, when there is no coffee?!

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