What was Going On with Me

Not like the whole world needs to know, but for a benefit or my friends who are following my life events here. Now, that the worst crisis is over, let me describe what was happening in my life starting from last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday was a Thanksgiving Eve, and my daughter’s family and Boris were arriving almost at the same time, and I had to be at two different places simultaneously. It ended up being not so bad, the planning was close to perfect on my side, but it was an intense day, and the previous three weeks were pretty loaded.

As my friends may remember, I am going to have cataracts surgeries soon, and in preparation, I had to switch from hard lenses to soft lenses. I wore hard contacts for most of my life (since I was 19), and since my prescription is high, I can’t wear glasses without significant vision decrement. Because of that, I do not own a pair now, which would be up to my current prescription. When I switched to the soft contacts, the doctor told me that my vision would be changing, because the eyeball would be returning to its normal shape. Because of that, she didn’t want me to order a whole box, but rather have a pair and then come back to her and see whether the prescription needs to be changed.

Since the start of the process, I’ve already changed it twice; and I was supposed to come in on Saturday morning after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday night, when I took the lenses off, I did something really stupid – since I do not have all the soft lenses process in my fingertips, I accidentally washed the good pair off! I was scared for a moment, but then I thought – fine, I still have one good lense, and one of less strength and I can manage for these two days.
It was inconvenient, but OK, I could not drive, but my daughter and my son in law were here so that they could do all the driving. Then on Friday, when I put to lenses in, it started to hurt, We went to the city, as planned, but it was getting worse. While we were watching the Wreathing of the Lions ceremony, I got a call from my eye doctor’s office. They said: you know, the doctor ordered several lenses to try, but they didn’t come. Do you still want to come in? I was crushed! I told – of cause! Maybe, she had some of the previous prescriptions left, because now I can’t see a thing! My daughter insisted we go to the nearest Walgreens. I bought the solution and tried to switch the lenses. It was still hurting, so after another half an hour of struggle in the Museum I announced I am going home. I walked to the train station, and then in Palatine Boris walked to the station to meet me, and we headed home together.

I thought it couldn’t be worse, but I was optimistic:). At home, when I took this hearting lense out, I saw that it was torn! Now I had only one more lense left, with the wrong prescription, but I put it in anyway. And later this night it started to hurt again, and when I’ve removed this other lense in the evening, I saw that it started to crack, too!

By Saturday morning, my one eye was blind, and my other eye had a super-low prescription, and I knew the doctor does not have new lenses for me! Nevertheless, my son-in-law (who got sick the night before, but said he was OK to drive me) drove me to the doctor’s office, where I’ve explained my situation. The doctor checked my new status and then started to search for some lenses I could wear now. All she could find was one pair of low prescription ( I could wear them around the house, but could not drive), and then she found five pairs of disposables of the right strength (the one she just identified as my new). She asked me to wear those lower strength ones over the weekend and use the disposables for the workdays. She ordered the new prescriptions and said, let’s keep fingers crossed!

I was still worried about what will happen if the new ones won’t come, so I wore the “bad” ones on Monday as well (we were getting ready for our training at home). And let me tell you, even at home it was not ideal!

The happy ending came on Wednesday night. Thirst they called me to say that the lenses arrived, but I need to see the doctor to fit them in, which would be difficult for me because of the conference. Fortunately, later, they called and said I could pick them up until 8 PM. I did, and it was the right prescription, and the crisis was over (less all the time I ould not do my planned activities!)

6 thoughts on “What was Going On with Me

  1. Oh my, I cannot even imagine how tough this week has been for you. I spent 10 days without glasses once some years ago, but it was not this extreme. Hope, you’ll get it fixed soon! /chamaimelon

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  2. I have good lenses now, and now I can order a supply, Globally if will be fixed by the surgery, and this won’t happen till February 🙂


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