First Motion Picture Unit

More details about the First Motion Picture Unit, the U.S. Army’s film production unit.


Hettie asked about the authorship of the movie about Berlin, and I am very glad that I did some research about it and learned this interesting stuff!

I’ll quote my commentary to her:

“It’s good you asked this, because I was wondering about it too, but wouldn’t look it up specifically. I was sure that it was neither the Soviets (they did not have such a quality equipment/skills, and even if they used some looted cameras and film, they would rather make some hideous propaganda than such neutral/sympathetic to Germans footage) nor Germans (I doubt that any German would be allowed to film such things and be able even to fly over the city with the camera). And I imagined that it should have been some Americans, while they were still free to roam around the Soviet zone of occupation.

Now I did some research and found out that it…

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