Health Updates

Most of my friends are aware that out of my multiple vision-related issues, the most annoying is my double vision. I went for years without any treatment until about five years ago, I got special prism-only glasses to address to issue. I can’t wear these glasses all the time, but I use them for driving and while in the movies or other shows. It helps a lot.

Recently, however, it became worse, and at my annual checkup, I’ve
complained to my eye doctor. She gave me a referral to the specialist, who is primarily dealing with that particular problem. That other doctor examined me and told me that she can work with my double vision, but first, I need to have my cataracts operated. That was news for me; I didn’t know I have cataracts, but that explained a lot about how I felt recently.

Next, I went back to my primary eye doctor. She told me that to be operated, I need to switch to the soft contact lenses from my GP, and I need to do it right away. So for four days, I was wearing a wrong prescription, until the right one arrived. Right or wrong, it was extremely challenging to switch to the soft lenses. To put them on is more or less the same, but the way you take them off is so different that it took me forever to master this skill.

Next thing – I went to the initial consultation with the eye surgeon, that was yesterday. I’ve spent there over three hours and learned a couple of new and less cool things.

Most importantly – I will need to be off any contacts, including the soft ones, for the whole three weeks before the surgery. This is going to be interesting because I didn’t wear glasses for over 20 years, and I am not sure how I will manage. With my prescription, the regular glasses change the scale of what I see and do not allow me to see anything on the sides. I can’t even walk the stairs wearing them, yet along drive. It’s a very scary perspective, but I will need to figure out a way of surviving it. Also, in between of two surgeries, my one eye will be almost normal, and another eye will be not, which prolongs

Another not so good news is that my eyes are apparently “too long.” Thereby, I have higher than other people’s risk of complications. Definitely, none of this will stop me from having a surgery. Still, there will be more difficulties on the way than I initially anticipated, and it will take much longer.

4 thoughts on “Health Updates

  1. I really wish you to navigate through this period with is few inconveniets as possible! Hope it’ll finally result in better quality of life, just as with your back! /chamaimenon

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