Advertising My Friend’s App

Healthy Cooking - Hettie's Way

Several year ago I’ve already advertised an app, created by my friend in Finland. This app is called EasyMenu and has lots of different functionalities, including planning your meals ahead and creating the shopping lists.

That’s what the app’s authors say:

EasyMenu is an application which stores your recipes, plans menus for any number of days or weeks, as well as generates shopping lists. The menu planner allows to plan your menu manually, or generate a random balanced menu, or anything in between!

This saves a lot of time, money and effort. It is also environmentally friendly, because it reduces the amount of food thrown away.

Main features of EasyMenu 3.0

  • Cookbook with advanced search by name, ingredients or tags
  • Menu planner is available on both computers and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android)
  • New recipes are easy to add and edit
  • Add your own ingredients
  • Add new or…

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