Biking in Helsinki

As I’ve mentioned, there was a lot of biking this time in Helsinki. The last two days were too cold for biking without gloves, and I did not have any biking gloves with me. But that’s the beauty of having your bike – when I could bike, I did.

I can’t even start to describe how everything in Helsinki as suited for bikers. The house has bike storage, where bikes can be stored not only standing, but also elevated.

There are bike paths everywhere, and this is a whole “biking highway.”

I walked over there without a bike to take pictures 🙂

Boris gave me a back light for my new bike, which makes two traces and allow you to show your turns using a remote:

Anf if you like the fall colors on these photos – there are more to come!

3 thoughts on “Biking in Helsinki

  1. Hello Hettie.

    You made a great and lovely post. Helsinki offers really excellent possibilities to bike. There is but; I mean that elsewhere people bike also and they have also fantastic possibilities to bike. In Finland the town called Oulu is the best: In Oulu young and senior citizens bike in winter, in snow and on ice. People bike to go for their work, for pleasure and for shopping. I have made three winter biking posts and here is my newest:

    Winter biking 3

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy biking!

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  2. Oh, I have no doubt! And thank you for sharing:0. Here is my perspective on biking. Although people biked all the time in the US, our country was not bike-friendly until recently. As you know, for many years, people used to “drive to their mailboxes.” I live in Palatine, a village in the Chicago suburbs, and I am a member of the Palatine Bike Club. We work hard on making our town more bike-friendly ad to encourage people using their bikes whenever possible. But when I visit my daughter in Madison, WI, I am overwhelmed by how much more bike-friendly it is! They have biking-only streets, they have cards, which give people discounts in the local establishments when they bike there, and so on. You figure out the rest – when I am in Helsinki, it brings the biking thing to the whole new level.:). I saw people biking in the snow in Helsinki as well, and I saw old ladies biking for their grocery shopping. I wholeheartedly admire all I see, and I hope we will be moving in this direction in the US, as well :).


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