This Week Started Crazy and Ended the Same Way

It was an incredibly intense week. Each day at work was packed with meetings from 9 to 5, some days covering the lunchtime as well. The two days which I worked from home were even more intense, with my and Mom’s doctors’ appointments and the same amount of work which had to be done.

All my time was work because when you have meetings all day long, you need some time to do the actual work. Oh, and on the top of it I was dealing with the consequences of the loss of my Jumpcloud password, and subsequent reset of my Apple ID, all passwords on the computer, and finally – a disappearance of “My Documents”…

My flight to Helsinki was on Saturday afternoon, and the first time in my life, I had absolutely nothing ready for the trip. On Friday after work, I had to take Mom shopping before I leave, and when I came home, it was already 7 PM. I still didn’t start packing, because I needed to prepare a presentation which Boris asked me to give to his students. I knew I had to be 80% ready before I leave because I won’t have time to prepare it from scratch otherwise. So I worked on this presentation until 11 PM and started packing.

The joy of fall travels to the North in the fall – you need a completely different wardrobe. You are trying things on before packing and trying to imagine how the weather will feel.

I stopped at 1 AM, went to bed, woke up at 4-30, did all my gym-strength-yoga, and then continue packing, taking a break to cook all the CSA vegetables which were not cooked yet and were unlikely to survive till I am back.

The last two Amazon packages arrived, and I could finish packing. Then I took two boxes of cooked vegetables to Mom, and then started a dishwasher and finally took a shower. See, you do not need to be a parent of a toddler not to have time to take a shower on Saturday!

Took the garbage out, talked to Boris for forty minutes (there is no logical explanation why), and finally off to the airport.
Now I am safely in Helsinki, and pictures are coming!

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