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There are a couple of places in Madison, which I always like to visit when I am in town. Unfortunately, two of them closed recently, but my second favorite store, vomFASS, is still there :).

I buy a majority of what I buy online because it saves time for the more interesting things, but sometimes buying in the brick and mortar store is a fun of its own, and shopping at vomFASS is undoubtfully a case.

Funny enough, there are two vomFASS stores around Chicago, but they are in the places I never go, while the Madison store is located right in Downtown.

It all started when Anna gave me one of their balsamic vinegars for Christmas, and since then, I was hooked. Since each empty bottle is $2, I was trying to collect them so that I do not have to buy new ones each time. However, the last two times I would forget the empty bottles at home, so Anna collected quite a few, and this time I came to the store with all of them!

I love experimenting with different balsamic and oils, as well as with the salads themselves. And this time of the year I have my CSA delivery. Here is one of the salads I made right after I came back from Madison. Everything in this salad: heirloom tomato, bell pepper, shallot, mixed greens – came from my CSA box. There are also some mozzarella balls, and the dressing is white wine vinegar mixed with Don Carlos olive oil.

One of the new balsamic I tried this time was a forest raspberry vinegar. The store clerk was talking me into buying some pumpkin seed oil to match it, but I thought that this too specific flavor, so I decided to try mixing it with walnut oil, which worked great.

I’ve invented this salad right on the spot. I recalled one recipe, where radishes were combined with raspberries, and decided to give it a try — turnip instead of radishes, but who cares :). Once again, everything came from the CSA box: mixed greens, turnip, cucumber, steamed broccoli with leaves, feta, a few walnuts, and this new dressing. You think it sounds crazy? I do not think so!

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