Being A Tourist In My Own City

I love Chicago. I love this city at any time of the year, but especially in summer. It is a challenging task to talk me into going somewhere in summer. I like being here, and I do not mind the heat at all. There are so many things that only happen in summer, and summer is so short!

One of the reasons why I like summer in Chicago so much is that I can blend with the crowd of tourists from all over the world, and to take pictures of the same buildings for one hundredth and first time.

For example, to take pictures of mounted police

On Friday I took a half-day off, Boris came to the city by 12-30, and we headed to a quick lunch in the Pret, and then to the Art Institute.

This year the Nichols Bridgeway was closed way too often, for all sorts of events, like Pokemon Go! (I am trying very hard not to comment on the worth of these events, did you notice?!) This Friday it was opened, and so we’ve entered the Art Institute that way.

The city view from the Bridgeway
I am being a tourist
Entering the Art Institute from the Nichols Bridgeway

The was my seventh time at the Monet and Modern Beauty exhibit so that I won’t rave about it one more time. I’d just say – one of the best shows of this year. Now I think I can remember each and single of the paintings 🙂

There was still some time left, and we went to the modern wing, to see Dali, Picasso, and other 20th century painters. We visit this section of the Art Institute often, and know most of the paintings, although sometimes our faves change.

One of my favorites is the White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall, and this time, I’ve paid attention to what was written by the painting. I should have taken a picture of it, but I didn’t so just trust me. The text was saying that since the picture was painted in 1938, it describes the sufferings of Jews under the Nazi regime. Forget that the flags on the left are red. Forget that Chagall had painted over the swastika. Forget the Lithuanian flag on the right. Seriously, I do not even know what people are thinking.

After the Art Institute, we had dinner at the Toni Patisserie and then headed to the Millenium Park. And once again – next week will be the last week of this year Grant Park music festival, and for me, this was the last concert of the season.

The piece they performed was Frederick Delius A Mass of Life. It was very good music, but somewhat too German, the piece is two hours long, and I think, too long, especially the second part. Honestly, you could say the same thing in half of the time:).

Leaving the city after the concert

2 thoughts on “Being A Tourist In My Own City

  1. Thank you for taking a look! All credits go to Chicago, a beautiful and vibrant city. Many people do not know much about Chicago’s rich history and architecture, but the city has a lot to offer. If you will be up to traveling here some time, I would love to show you around 🙂


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