While I Was Away

The playground, located very close to my house, the one my kids used to play when they were little, was under construction for the past couple of months. Also, there was some new construction going on at the opposite side or the road.
I went biking just a couple of hours after I’ve returned from my vacation, and when I was turning left to go to Lake Louise, I saw that this new part was completed.

Only ten years after I saw similar “sports- grounds” in Helsinki for the first time, and marveled them, they made their way to Palatine :).

Granted, they won’t substitute a gym, but it’s great to have such “sports- grounds” on the road and to be able to make a power-stops.

2 thoughts on “While I Was Away

  1. Wow, some machines have padded seats and armrests! Are they as soft as they look? Just wondering how they’ll survive the harsh winter weather. Our outdoor fitness devices do not have non-metal parts, even though the temperature in winter very rarely goes below zero…


  2. I’d say they are how they should be, exactly like in the gym – not really soft, but just enough for a comfortable workout. We’ll have to see how they will survive – in Helsinki, they survive fine. I might ask on the Park District website.


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