A Word About Love

It must have been prompted by my visit with my Mom last night. She’d shared one of her personal stories, and I was walking back from her apartment to the train station where I’ve left my car, thinking about what she’d just told me.

Later that night, I was pre-packing for our “micro-vacation,” trying to fit all my just-in-case clothes into a carry-on. I got back to my laptop to check one more time, which amenities will be provided with our room in Amsterdam, and could not stop smiling rereading a room description. We will be there in three short days, but I am still only “pre-packing” because the weather forecast is keeping changing every day.

Between these attempts to pack and thinking about my Mom’s story, I’ve realized that finally, I’ve stopped being apologetic about my family life. At least I can talk about it without feeling awkward. We are in love, probably even more than 30 years ago, and that all, that matters. I know that most people would disagree with that statement, including my children. Although they most likely won’t be born, if I would think otherwise.

But this is one of my strong opinions, which I am holding tightly. If I am in love, I can make things work.

And often the final results are way more grandiose than anybody could imagine 🙂

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