Taking Pictures: a Funny Thing Happened

I was talking tons of fall foliage pictures in Helsinki because this time of the year, the colors in Finland are already breathtakingly beautiful. And if didn’t even start in Illinois :).

Boris’ apartment is right by the Sibelius park, which means any time you get outside, there is plenty to marvel, and tons of pictures are just asking to be taken.

I was taking this picture (the sun was setting slowly and shining through the yellow leaves) when I saw a car on the opposite side of the road slowing down, just like the passerby would slow down when they see you taking pictures on the street.

I could not believe this slowing down was related to me :). After all, it was the opposite side of the street. May be they slow down for the red light ahead? But then… the car made a U-turn and slowed down, almost stopped, right in front of me. I saw a guy on the back seat looking out from the rolled down window, holding the camera! And he was taking a picture of this tree! After he was finished, the car drove away.

Maybe you won’t find it funny, but we laughed for another good twenty minutes, recalling the incident.

More of the Finnish beauty:

My Grandmother’s Birthday

Today is the 116th birthday of my paternal grandmother, whom I have named after. She died two years before I was born, so I never met her in person. People are saying I am looking a lot like her; I think this is more wishful thinking :), she was stunningly beautiful. I like this photo the best of all the pictures of her I have. The way she and my grandfather look at each other, not looking at the camera is something unthinkable for the age of staged photographs.

My grandfather, being a high-ranked officer in the Soviet Army, was probably thinking that he will be remembered for his victories on the battlefield. Or for his successes in expanding the communist regime into new regions. But he remained in history because she loved him.