Vilnius: Lithuanian Comfort Food and Coffee

On this trip, I rediscovered Lithuanian food. I recalled everything I liked many years ago, and we made sure never to eat at the same place twice, and try different foods each time.

On the first day, there were zeppelins and Lithuanian kvass, and this kvass was so incredibly good, that we never skipped it:). The one which we tried in the first place was the best though.

Zemaiciu was another thing I had very fond memories of, as well as other kinds of potatoe-based foods.

I even tried potatoes pancakes with pig ears!
And Boris tried potatoes and pork sausage
Forgot this dessert name
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Coffee Countdown

Great pre-Christmas gift from my friend! I love flavored coffee, and it is so difficult to find flavor with no sweetness!

The only problem is boldness or absence of it. I do not understand how you can possibly make 8-10 cups from this packet. I started from 4 cups, and it turned out that I needed to make only three cups out of one package for the correct strength. Which is pretty much what I have for breakfast, so the problem was resolved 🙂