Unhappy News

I have a couple of happy quarantine stories to share (and I was too busy to share them in the past couple of days), but today was a very sad day. And before I proceed with the happy stories, I need to get this weight off my shoulders.

My co-worker was robbed last night. He was careless to leave the door unlocked, and somebody got in his apartment at night and stole virtually everything, including the car key, and then the car itself. Although I told him that only the loss of life is irreversible, all the rest can be fixed, I am still deeply sad about what has happened.

4 thoughts on “Unhappy News

  1. Yes, very sad and disturbing indeed.
    Unfortunately, I have also heard stories about small pharmacies and corner stores been robbed in our city, you need to be extra alert these days even if you have a lot of other things to worry about.
    I have heard of people leaving big cities and moving their families to hotels in suburbs in fear not of the virus but of potential criminal activity.

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  2. He was definitely not in the safest place to start with, but I hope things can be fixed for him. It’s just very disturbing in view of so many acts of kindness and support we see around


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