The State of Mind and Body

Not being able to see as normal people sucks. I thought that the cause of my current frustration (and of me doing everything slowly) is the fact that I can’t see well. But now I believe that the real problem is that each surgery makes me older. Even this short surgery. Even just local anesthesia. I feel that I am tired, I can’t do things fast enough, how I usually do, and I can’t do as many things as I need. And this drives me crazy. All this “you are going to work the next day” does not work for me.

I was at one-week after-surgery follow-up with my eye doctor and asked her a million stupid questions. She replied patiently. And she examined my eye and said everything is fine; the implant is on its place, and everything is healing. It’s always very reassuring when another person can see what you don’t see :)).

We talked for almost an hour; she always explains “why,” which helps tons. I understand how the healing process works, what each of the eye drops is doing, and all other “whys.”

But I am still so tired – it makes me miserable….

4 thoughts on “The State of Mind and Body

  1. Thank you! I hope I will. It’s also because at the moment it is SO MUCH TO DO, and I really planned on being “normal” in the course of four weeks prior to the conference. It will be better! Thank you for your support!

    The real thing is that the past two surgeries indeed affected me more than the previous ones.


  2. It doesn’t sound like it is from anesthesia, most likely from all the stress and frustration associated with the surgeries and everything else. It will get better, it is only temporary and this is what matters!

    I remember feeling this way when I broke my ankle – the progress seemed too slow and I was really miserable but it turned out that my recovery was quicker than for most people.

    So you just need a bit of patience! Have faith. Hugs from me!

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  3. No, it’s not even about being tired, its that my last two surgeries, the back surgery two years ago and that last one, both had a deeper impact on my whole body than the previous surgeries, even though all my previous surgeries were more serious and with longer anesthesia. In both of those, I felt my whole body aged. It’s about me, not about the surgery 🙂


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