Another Cookie Decorating Activity

Last Tuesday, we had a cookie decorating night in the Open Door Shelter. I brought in some cookies which we left undecorated on Sunday (when we ran out of decorating ideas), and also some dough to cut and bake.

That was the third time I organized the cookie decorating in ODS, and it was the best time ever. The youth got so engaged – the staff decided not to pull them out for other activities. Everybody did phenomenally. Some kids were saying they are not good with arts, but I replied with my usual “this is not a test.” At some point, the staff joined us in the kitchen, and I asked – would you like to cut the cookies? And they did and also decorated some.

I am inserting several pictures with their work in progress and the finished cookies. I was amazed both by their creativity and delivery:) I told them they are invited to my house next Christmas to help me decorate 🙂

These last three gorgeous cookies – a girl who made them said she made them for me, and put the aside on a plate. They were not dry yet, but I had to take them home! And miraculously, they made it home with no damage!

I stayed at the ODS late that night, but did not regret it for a sec. I came home thinking that that was the most christmas – spirit – full activity this year!

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