The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism – a Book Review

Since I switched to this blog from my previous one, I almost stopped publishing my book reviews. Meanwhile I’ve read several incredible books in the past months., and now I am going to publish several blog posts about my “summer reading.” For those who are new to this blog and to my life in general – for 99% of the time I listen to the audiobooks rather than read books in any format. This is due to bot my multiple vision issues and my packed lifestyle. When I am listening to the audiobook, it is easier to squeeze minutes here and there.

Now – the the actual book review.

This is the first book I am going to write about is The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff

I liked this book a lot, and in contrast to the “Uninhabitable Earth,” there are lots of supporting facts. Probably, part of my liking this book is that “I was there,” and I am aware of most of the facts. The difference is that I am not particularly alarmed with the perspective.

I was always thinking, as long as I can remember thinking about it, that in the hypothetical future, it will be an established fact that anybody can locate anybody in the world, and I do not consider it wrong. Yes, any technology can be used for good and for evil, but this applies to ANY technology.

Same with influencing people’s decisions. Hitler didn’t have the Internet. He didn’t even have television. Yet, he was able to influence millions, and they honestly believed it was their own decision, their personal choice. It has been happening through the course of history all the time. That’s what debates were for. That’s what political speeches were for. You are trying to influence people, and if you are skilled enough, you can.

… After I read this book, I wanted to buy a Google Home device for the first time in my life 🙂

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